Machine Learning

Set Video Playback Speed With Chromecast

Sun 14 May 2017Leave a comment

I like to watch/listen to videos on my TV via chromecast from local files on my computer. Chromecast doesn't allow you to set the playback speed, so you have to watch videos at a real world pace (eek!). Fortunately greggman created this neat little plugin that does exactly what … Continue Reading

TensorFlow Components

Fri 11 March 2016Leave a comment

I'm going to assume you already have TensorFlow installed via your preferred installation method. If not you can take a look at Download and Setup section of the TensorFlow website. A couple things to note. You can install TF with pip for python 2 or 3, with or without GPU … Continue Reading

What's Happening in my TensorFlow Graph?

Thu 10 March 2016Leave a comment

Debugging your TensorFlow graph can be challenging if you don't know what tools are available to you. Interactive Session Use tf.InteractiveSession() instead of tf.Session() when debugging. This will allow you to execute print(tensor.eval()) and it will print out the entire tensor. You can also call operation … Continue Reading

Why TensorFlow?

Wed 09 March 2016Leave a comment

Getting started with machine learning and TensorFlow at the same time can be challenging as TensorFlow requires you to have a good grasp of it's under lying concepts which is bit of a paradigm shift from the imperative programming we might be used to. The general idea is to create … Continue Reading


Sat 05 March 2016Leave a comment

Machine Learning is a very hot topic. It has been around for a while, but only recently has technology advanced enough enabling us to train models with lots of data. There have been major advancements in processing, cloud technology, algorithms and enough data has been collected to feed the models … Continue Reading